Out-n-about 16|4|17 

  • My life is Topsy turvy right now. All over the place.. Nothing makes sense. But despite all the crazyness I have to keep some type of normal for my kid. So what I like to do is go out n about. We find something to do.This past weekend we went to Bay Shore Blvd. Linear park. It’s kind of like a long walk path along side water and the otherside big beautiful homes. I decided to take my daughter and my brothers soon to be step kids, so we could get some fresh air and so they could detach from all the electronics. On our way from the parking garage we passed this gated community park. It looks extremely beautiful and fancy and exclusive… It looks like a specially made fancy park for the wealthy people that live in that neighborhood. Since I am none of those things I ignore the park, anytime I pass it. I imagine myself walking up out of curiosity and then someone stopping me at the gate saying “where is your pass to enter?” “Oh I don’t have one, I didn’t realize..” “Oh but yes you must be a resident and have your pass in order to enjoy this park.” And then I walk away feeling like a bum. So I tried to pretend like I didn’t see it hoping they wouldn’t ask to go inside. They said something like oooh look at that-but I quickly cut them off and said I can’t wait for you guys to see the Blvd!!!  We get there and they seemed to enjoy it. We walked a little, found a bench and ate our snacks while looking at the water. It was nice before the mosquitoes started attacking us and the food. We packed up the trash into one bag and started walking again. I dumped the trash as we were walking and talking about the water, how it was moving fast, what could be in it, what would happen if one of them fell in, whether I would leave them in it or try to help. I advised I cannot swim and it would be unfortunate if I came with 3 kids and went home with any less. We would stop at the little workout stations along the path and pretend to do workouts. Soon we got tired and started to head back. As I was walking back I realized I wasn’t holding any keys… I didn’t have any pockets or purse… Then I remembered I used one of the bags the snacks were in to hold the keys and apparently forgot, dumping the trash and keys. Once I explained this to the kids they were more than happy to run ahead and start digging through the trash to find the bag that had the keys. Yep we are in a fancy neighborhood, laughing, screaming, scratching from mosquito bites and digging through trash cans, amongst the upper middle class… Soon they found the bag,  got the keys and yelled “we found the keys!!!” I yelled hooray! We found the treasure! It was really funny and embarrassing at the same time. On our way back we came up on the fancy park and again they said oooo ooooo can we just look. From the outside I could see water shooting up from the ground and little kids in their bathing suits laughing and playing. So I looked at them and said ok…only for a little. Before we walked through the gates I read the park rules; didn’t mention anything about passes or only being for wealthy people so we proceeded inside. It was beautiful. Of course what started off as just going to look, turned into a shoes off, running through the water fully clothed extravaganza. But they had fun. Successful out n about end to the weekend✔


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