Year 28

My 28th year has been thee craziest year I’ve had in awhile.

 Let’s see I: for the first time took on the role of what it means to be head of the house as my mother underwent the whipple procedure.

Cared for my mom following the procedure

Drove long distance by myself (4 separate times)

Fell in love, gave up 4years of celibacy, got heart broken!!!

Set a goal to lose weight and achieved​ it

Sent my daughter miles away without me for the first time (to be with her dad for Christmas)

Disowned my brother, then…Re-owned? my brother

Started a very unique friendship with the guy a fell in love withs father, then ended it (really didn’t want to)

Truly saw my mother as a person 1st and my mom 2nd..

Went on trip for a life changing job interview (another long distance drive)

Moved 3 times in one month

disconnected from religion

Lived on a store front… and the year still isn’t over…. cheers to growing up!!


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