Middle of the Year New Years! 

I’m starting a new job! 

In DC! 

With a prestigious University!

 I am excited, nervous, anxious and ecstatic all at the exact same time!

I am leaving behind: Mountains of stress, trials and bad memories but also, the beautiful Florida weather (minus the humidity), beaches, my mother, brother and his crew/family, friends, church family, one of the best jobs I’ve ever had- truly enjoyed…mostly😁 and a lot of good memories.

I’ve actually moved around a lot in my young life, and I’m ​already kind of familiar with the DC area; HOWEVER…. I’m a single mother moving up there this time. And my daughter isn’t​a little baby anymore so she will have an opinion about…. everything…the area we’re in, the people, our home..etc. But luckily her father as well as his mom and siblings are on board with assisting with us with settling in.

I cannot wait to have our own home, with our own energy, our own vibes….I may just let Autumn pick something big bright and ridiculous simply to hang our keys on…why? Because that’s what you do when the place is all yours 😎

I’m excited to see her spend time with her family. Her cousins… I’m excited to have a New Life. I’ve been in Tampa since 2012. Broke broke and poor poor is how I came. I told myself I ain’t moving notta nowhere else unless I have a good job waiting for me…… and now I do. A lot happens in 5years… Cheers to growing up!